So, I decided to go ahead and get rid of OK Cupid, Christian Mingle, Tagged, etc. I needed some breathing room from the carnal demands of online dating.

big tits

Remember my last post about my online dating disasters? Well, one of the guys I decided to give a chance (MR. HIT & MISS), which was the WRONG decision. So, let me tell my story. Anyways, a few weekends ago, he contacted me via text and wanted to hang out. It was the weekend, so I was pretty much “free” after my studying and homework was complete. I talked to him (via text) around noon and stated, “We should meet up later and hang out.” He said, “Ok cool. I’m at work, but we will talk later.”

mixed signals

I added, “I will be close to your town so maybe we can hang out and get something to eat. I will be running errand (i.e. Walmart, Nail Salon), so when you get off work, just let me know.”

6 hours later, I’m at the nail salon and he texts, “What are you doing?” I told him I was getting my nails done and if he wanted to meet up, we can do so in about an hour or so. He said, “Ok.” Then, about an hour or two later, he texts and says, “I don’t think I’m going to make it because I haven’t left the house yet. I feel like this idea or plan is too much at the last minute but you can come to my house or we can meet up at a park”….HOLD UP….WTF!?!?!


Just to fill you all in, I’ve had a stalker before and a bunch of other crazy events during my Army years and I REFUSE to meet someone from online in a dark and/or private place. I texted him back and said, “Look, I am going out to eat with or without you, so if you do not want to go, then that’s fine.” So…I did. I went to Applebee’s and enjoyed a nice meal with a drink.  I don’t care about doing things on my own. It is what it is.

On my way home, he texts and says, “I feel awful because I could of went out.” I texted back, “That’s too bad.” The next following days, I kept getting these stupid “Hello” texts from him and I was getting very annoyed. I should of followed my first instinct of just cutting him off all together because he pulled a “booty call” move, which didn’t work on me. So, I finally blocked his number and I killed Cupid with his own bow and arrow (canceling my account).

bitch asshole

Then to top it all of, remember “married” Vegas dude? Yeah…he texted me the same day or a few days later asking when I was going down to Vegas again? I asked, “How are you and your wife?” and I got a silent pause. I just kill them with kindness. : ) I will be blocking his number as well. His name is not in my phone, but he pops up every now and then like a nasty zit.


I feel like I made the right choice, but again, a girl gets real lonely sometimes and would desire a relationship compared to booty calls, one night stands, and friends with benefits. So, I go out on a business trip to Fort irwin to train a new Human Resource Assistant. She was telling me about how she met her husband on E-Harmony and there are a better quality of men. All of the sudden….the light bulb clicked on!


I thought about it for a bit and decided that I will give it a try. E-harmony will be my last hope with online dating. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what else will…….




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